Andre Brik is a Brazilian artist born in Curitiba in 1972. Architect, illustrator and art director, he also studied typography and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Andre Brik Artist

In the artist works, there is some of the 1920’s Plakatstil graphic style and polish posters with their clean lines and flat contrasting background colors, their visual puns and wit, and subtle irony. Andre artworks have also nonsense, humor, counterculture, dada, surrealism and punk rock.

The ideas are born from the observation of the elements of everyday objects. Then the artist begins a long process of sketching to deconstruct and recombine shapes, colors, and meanings. Finally, a careful selection of outcoming ideas is chosen to be digitally developed, painted and finished as a graphic art illustration.

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Private Collections

London • Paris • Schwaig (GE) • Bari (IT) • Varsaw • New York • Los Angeles • Rio • São Paulo • Curitiba • Inhotim • Brisbane • Clunes (AUS)

Private Collections


2014 • Tupi or not Tupi • MON (Museu Oscar Niemeyer) • Curitiba • Brazil

2016 • Desmobilia Casa Osten • Curitiba • Brazil

2017 • L’Arte Della Seta a Reggio Emilia Palazzo Guicciardi Guidotti • Reggio Emilia • Italy 

2017 • L’Arte Della Seta a Reggio Emilia Museo il Correggio at Palazzo dei Principi • Corregio • Italy

2017 • Casa Cor Paraná • Curitiba • Brazil

2017 • Polish Surrealism – An Art Point of View Casa de Cultura Polônia Brasil • Curitiba • Brazil

2017 • Celebrating Spring • Red Door Gallery • Clunes • Australia

2018 • Brazilian Nature • Views and Inspirations II • Brusque • Brazil

2018 • MarcDeck Exhibit • Franklinton Friday • Columbus • OH • USA

2019 • Cara Mia • 2.8 Seta-Re • Italian Foulards • Curitiba and Joinville • Brazil

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