Banana with wrong peel

andre brik

Banana with wrong peel

The banana looks virile and sensual. Caresses himself by showing vanity and unreasonable self-love. It seems extreme satisfaction and well-being.

But with a keen eye, the truth is revealed. The reality does not match the image portrayed. Under the surface, nothing is what it seems to be. The distortion appears on the peel. She’s bizarre.

The work criticizes the current distortion of values through which it crosses Brazil and other countries where the appearance has been venerated to the detriment of the intellect. In social networks, gymnastics, schools and companies, admiration for art and respect for culture gave way to egocentrism, vanity, manipulation of the image and consumption and ostentation of the superfluous. But beneath the surface, it is easy to see that it is nothing more than a primary defense mechanism against insecurity and low self-esteem. A desperate search for the approval of his peers.

Warhol’s consuming and narcissistic banana went from the point.

Limited prints (20) signed by the artist

Mineral inks on Cotton Paper

Size 23.6 X 23.6 in (60 X 60 cm) with 1.2″ (3 cm) white border

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