Idyllic Pickles

andre brik artwork Idyllic Pickles

Idyllic Pickles

In the winter of 1934, a brave young couple left a freezing Poland for good towards a new life in an unknown land.

A few weeks later, in the 1934 summer of the southern hemisphere, the brave young couple arrived in Brazil, in the middle of the Carnival.
One can only wonder what went through their minds the first time they saw this exotic tropical shore and its noisy yet happy and welcoming people.

This artwork is my hommage to the bravery of my grandparents, the rich cultural background they brought with them and the beautiful country they eventually learned to call their own.

Limited prints (20) signed by the artist

Mineral inks on Cotton Paper

Size 23.6 X 23.6 in (60 X 60 cm) with 1.2″ (3 cm) white border

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